Meet a Minecrafter: Blind Minecraft


In this edition of Meet a Minecrafter, we explore the world of Blind Minecraft. Join Chris (aka Logic Pro X Gaming) to learn how sound and text-to-speech make it possible for blind players to play Minecraft, and how zombies flipped the script by saving his life! You can check out Chris's DEnewss channel here


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    How could anyone even think about disliking this yt video smh

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    this is actually crazy

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    What a inspiration!!

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    Thank you

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    recognizing creeper

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    hope you get well soon xoxo

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    Cool 👁️👁️‍🗨️ this guy is awesome

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    If he's blind then why does he need a monitor?

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    O no you got me

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    Big balongaslongahonkas

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    10 years later : Meet a Minecrafter: dead Minecraft

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    Congratulations mate. I'm amazed how you fight and hold on to life. 💜

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    he still play better then me

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    You are so smart and aim your fan

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    he has to be the coolest blind gamer ever to exist

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    this man crossing the road is dream in his manhunts

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    Technoblade is no longer best Minecraft player.

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    Wait... So he is daredevil...

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    People: Video games cause violence! Video Games:

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    i want to give him a hug

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    Thi guy plays Minecraft blind. What's your excuse?

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    “The internet causes violence” The internet:

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    Parent: Blind gamer doesn't exist, cuz it's blind and cant play Minecraft:

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    You are amazing person that so cool👁️👄👁️😻

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    I truly wish this man (and his cute doge) a happy and long life

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    That's so cool!

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    what about vr ive heard that helps some people

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    Blind Minecrafter:can build awesome Redstone door Me:I can build simple redstone door

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    This makes me appreciate life more

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    People who have deficiencies also have advantages that we don't have

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    Next time. Meet a minecrafter: TommyInnit

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    This is why minecraft era never ends. Minecraft is a life saver..😭😭😭😭😭😢

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    this is so inspiring

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    3:45 me at 3 am

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    how about to help him and others with disabilities even more add the ability to name chests so when he hovers over them it says wool chest or quartz chest?

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    Whaaaaaatt ?!!!!

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    Absolutely amazing story!

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    Ok but the nether tho that must be so hard

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    I stay away from the nether

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    Oooh my heart strings.

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    He isn't creepy guys, he is so very intelligent and cool

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    I wonder what blind people see

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    Man I can barely get this far playing normally wtheck man this is just unfair at this point...

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    Oh oh you should do one of these on TommyInnit + some of the other younger members of the DeamSMP. It's such a big, awesome thing, and I'd love to see a documentary-style video on it :D

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    That's so friggin cool

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    He looks a bit like a villager

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    Wow.Just wow.

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    how does he build a house

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    I am blind too

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    He's a real chill bro props to him

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    This dude is a true minecrafter

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    Man this guy is a legend

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    this man is a hero

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    I’m just a normal guy with messed up eyes

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    All I can type out right now is... this is amazing as fyuck

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    I’m glad you enjoy the content. Consider dropping by the channel if your interested in seeing more? Link is in the description

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    Minecraft has bring me and my best friend together again :)

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    So glad to hear that. Some of the people I’ve met through this game are some of my best friends as well

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    I hate creepers so much

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    Aww I wish you were better I don't wanna see a beggar and poor eye sight guy aw men thats hurt\( ö )/

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    I feel so bad. I wish I could do something.

  • Logic Pro X Gaming

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    Don’t feel bad. Mojang has helped spread awareness and I’ve been able to build a small channel on top of spreading awareness

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    god's grace

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    I just wanted to know how they found out that he plays Minecraft

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    He should see one of those maps where all the blocks are massive so he can see what say the villagers houses looks like

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    y would some one diss like this

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    give som respect to this chad! brothers!

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    Wow minecraft❤

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    The only videogame for blind pepole

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    what happens to the mobs that lose the vote?

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    0:02 T9:nice blind

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    Me izo yorara 😭😭😭

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    This is wholesome

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    I am so happy that Minecraft and games in general are available for EVERYONE.

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    This guy is an littrually legend. It’s fascinating that he can see, but not see🤔

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    Maybe he evolves into a blind pvp monk who destroys everyone

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    He is better than me and im not blind

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    I wonder what he would say if he saw what Minecraft looks like

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    Who the *heck* disliked this video, and why. Edit: Spell checks.

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    This man is very poggers

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    why did he place a torch while minning?

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    Because of the high brightness it helps him to kind of identify what be is looking at

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    Because of mob spawning



    Vor 13 Tage




    Vor 13 Tage


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    they should give the guy the thing like that makes you see while blind like a device that makes you see

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    This made my day

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    2:43 that's literally me fighting a zombie

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    This guy is better than me

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    I am so glad no one is making fun it this guy it really warms my heart keep going lad

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    Me too. I thought the internet was going to flame me

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    and he still plays better than my friends

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    GIGANTIC RESPECT for this man maybe he is blind but he rocks at Minecraft!

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    Glad you think so

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    He can do Redstone blind when I can't even build a proper house you've earned my respect

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    I still have a lot to learn about redstone

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    Blindcrafter im so sorry

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    So he can see but his sight is horrible because of his corneas?

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    @Logic Pro X Gaming ok I just wasn’t sure thanks

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    You are correct

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    This is actually amazing

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    respect dude

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    Imagine pvping hahahaha

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    Bruh how can you play?

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    Imagine if he can see , Dream will be on the bottom of the ocean

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    i cant even beat a wither and he can even a wither blind thats crazyy

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    Hey guys I'm a one of Chris's subscribers and I would like to say I'd you see this please sub to him I think he really deserves it a lot

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    You rock click

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    wow, this motivational nothing can stop if you try hard and never give up. I recently got into Minecraft. but my other younger sibling has been playing Minecraft for a long. They make fun of me every time I play Minecraft. Never let your negativity stop you from achieving you are goals. I am getting better each time I play Minecraft. and won my three-bed war games.

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    This was so lovely to read

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    This man is a real gamer