Meet a Minecrafter: Woodes


Join Woodes for her debut album launch in Minecraft! Together with her @Woodes Music community and videographer Reuben Gore, the Australian artist has created an immersive experience for her fans. The Crystal Ball world is a musical museum where you can walk from song to song, find hidden lyrics, and of course, dance the night away. To hear the full album check out, and if you want to find out more about Woodes' Minecraft server, check out her Twitch:


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    Meet the hermit craft severs players that’s the caption I’m waiting for

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    what happens to the mobs that lose the vote?

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    the cable management 💀

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    Idea for Woodes, since your "Crystal Ball" album only has 10 songs, look into getting someone to help you make a resource pack that replaces the music disks with your songs, then have each song play in it's appropriate region. I could help with this process if this is a bedrock edition build, if that's something you'd want to do.

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    mabey i just dont get it but its cool

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    I do not know a musician that would be this nice to the listeners.

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    Minecraft please fix your website because many of us are not able to buy Minecraft java because when we press purchase it says (Error placing order)

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    2:14 i like how they blurred the apple logo lol

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    And do a caves and cliffs update to my phone

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    That looks a lot like Mu Megabase

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    She's not only a great singer, but also a great builder(in Minecraft).

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    This is my favirote singer!!

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    If I was with you guys I would definitely add dinosaurs and airports and stuff

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    Why would she want a crystal ball ?

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    On 4:11 Townsville, like from The Power Puff girls?

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    Add snakes they would be cool

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    Alguém fala português se sim se inscreve no meu canal kaic Fernando

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    I am a bedrock player. I built a giant wheat farm by myself

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    You guys should rather focus on the super duper update. All the other new things planned are not necessary, especially for mobile and console!

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    MINECRAFT cave update download

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    Can your team plsss! PLSS IM BEGGING YOU! Make mincraft free! I’m crying🥺🥺

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    Is she going to get a cape

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    Hey Minecraft hello can i ask how to update my minecraft plz my minecraft is 1.16 plz reply thank you🤗🥰



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    Ok thanks very much

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    1.17 is for Java only and has not come out fully, it's only in snapshot. If you don't play on PC you can't have 1.17 yet but it will come out in 2021. People are already making mods/ behaviour and resource packs to have this in Minecraft currently.

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    I costs money 😢😢🥺🥺

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    Can you please add the iron golem spawn egg be added 🙏

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    I think twilight forest should be in minecraft instead of a mod people get


    can u ask nintendo to update wiiu minecraft for to make your own skin

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    hi my name is liam

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    This is such a cool idea! So is trident jousting

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    I love thy game!

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    minecraft phone add please add

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    It's so soo sooo Awesome

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    Next up: Need a minecrafter: popbob

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    This entire video is flipped for your viewing pleasure

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    My favorite is woods I listened all song of woodes big fan and a dream to record a album with woodes iam a gamer and a youtuber big fan of woodes

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    Are you gonna make one for techno and wilbur?

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    add a pillages mode

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    make a game of some boss.Or make a vote on the new boss

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    She kinda reminds me of phoebe from friends

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    I am always love in minecraft

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    We are proud to be a Minecraft server

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    No this is obviously edited. The footage was supposed to upside down because of australia.

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    Finally a music producer who plays Minecraft

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    It's not Mainecraft it's Minecraft

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    Mojang project the end updade

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    "9:44" I just got from here *** 📌📌 I am playing on my Mobile now 😍 මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ

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    I wanna play Minecraft with her

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    are you kiding me mojang is there anyone way to install minecrft pe for free :(

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    2022 minecraft furniture update like

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    Can you explain the new holiday creator features and the custom biomes and additional mods

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    Will all things added to minecraft java be added to minecraft bedrock, like everything? (I do think you said yes, but forgot)

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    Hey minecraft i need a full set of turtle armor like turtle shell turtle chestplate turtle leggings and turtle boots

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    Hey minecraft devs if your seeying this can you add like the achievements but it will pop at your screen like in java coz im on pe

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    Minecraft please make when we turn on the education edition on mcpe and then turn it off isn't crash ist't crash

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    mojang pls ban the player called nickbavarian cause he hacks he can hit trough walls and hit a player from faraway

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    please minecraft, make a version for horrible computers no matter the graphics can be uglier than terraria PLEASE MINECRAFT NEVER ASKED FOR NOTHING :( My computer: Processor: Genuine Intel (R) 1.68 GHz 2 GB RAM Resolution: 1920x980

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    Plss put the update in iOS plsss and in bed rock and java plsss and IOS I want the caves and cliffs update plss do this minecarft

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    Minecraft is legend and "legends never DIE!"

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    Here is another idea for 1.17. Make DYEABLE SLIME!!! Cause we're bored of the normal greenish slime...

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    What do you think about roblox doing this?

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